BYMIT Inc., specialized in construction fastener product, delivers the most exceptional on-site application and technology.

Taiwan, Kingdom of Screw, equipped with sophisticated technology and R&D team, has operated OEM and ODM for well-known brands worldwide in factories that are parallel with international rigid standard. Inherited from such tradition,Sheh Kai Precision., LTD. is known internationally in the industry for its high-end bi-metal screw and screw anchor. To provide the most instant and massive support to construction programs, ShehKai initiated a self-own brand“BYMIT,” hoping to offer real time bolster of quality product.

Building on the brand name of “Made in Taiwan” and the core technology of welding differentmaterials, BYMIT constantly innovates bi-metal screw, carbon steel screw anchor, and bi-metal screw, the most effective and comprehensive solutions to all the problems in the construction industry.
Maintaining high qualitysyandard and sufficing customer’s demand are where our brand value lies on and what we believe in to operate sustainably. With the motivation of “Being the Best”, BYMIT is committed to becoming the most prominent partner for the construction industry.
BYMIT’S product is covered with Product Liability Insurance of a limit of 100 million NTD. BYMIT has not only possessed with exclusive bi-metal technology, but acquired ISO9001:2008, and ISO14001:2004(CNS14001). Our products have been proven valid in various examinations domestically and internationally, including SGS, seismic test, and CE. (Pull-out test is showcased on site.)