• Hammer Drill Bit
  • Shehkai’s Hammer Drill Bit is a new generation hammer drill bit for masonry and concrete. The Hammer Drill Bit design adapts the highest innovation concept with 4 fluted carbide cutting edges that enable an excellent performance in fast drilling, dust removal and last exceptional well. The high grade carbide tips ensure a longer life span  for the drill bits to producing truer and rounder holes. The unique flute geometry applied to the Hammer Drill Bit helps to produce excellent quality of drill holes with maximus dust removal, and end up with minimize in friction during application.  The impressive application results show Hammer Drill Bit have achieved extraordinary performance for lifetime it achieve and stability in drilling concrete.  With the successful design, Hammer Drill Bit has certainly been proved to be an exclusive problem solver for any craftman for the concrete and masonry application.  
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