To protect your rights, please read all the information in this notice before using the form to contact us. When you check the "I have read and agree with the above statement" and press the "SUBMIT" button, you have consent for us to collect your information and that you are willing to exercise the rights conferred by law in the format of online consent which have the same effect as the written consent.


Bymit Inc. Website is managed by BYMIT EFFICIENT SOLUTIONS CO., LTD.  In order to ensure the protection of consumer's personal information, privacy, and consumer's interests in the process that use the consumer's personal information, we will declare to inform the following matters pursuant to the provisions of Article 8 of the Personal Data Protection Act:

I. The Purpose and Method of Collection

The purpose for the company to gather the information is for us to conduct customer management, membership management and marketing and internal survey and analysis. (statutory particular purpose item number 040, 090, 148, 157) The methods of gathering and collecting personal information are through filling the membership application or ordering application.

II. Collecting Information Type

The Personal Information collected by the company through the website includes

Personal Identification: Information like consumer's name, gender, address, telephone number, email, etc.

III. Usage Period, Area, Target Audience, and Method

Period: During the period when the company is operational.

Area: Consumer's Personal information will be used in the Taiwan region.

Target Audience and Method: The collected consumer's personal information will be used besides in membership management, query and index for customer management and also the following purpose:

*Used for Delivery Purpose: When shipping related products, consumers' personal information is used and given to the related logistics and mailing vendors for the purpose delivery.

*Marketing: The company will used consumer's address, email, and phone number to conduct marketing and sales promotion events for the company or partner's products.

IV.Consumer's rights to his/her personal information

In regards to the personal information given to the company by the consumer, consumer can exercise the following rights conferred by law:

  1. To inquire or review the information
  2. To request a copy of the information
  3. To modify or correct the information
  4. To cease collection, processing or usage
  5. To delete the information

Consumer can call our service representatives to request any of the above service.